Tea with the Changemakers

Michelle Kennedy - Founder and CEO of Peanut

April 26, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 1
Tea with the Changemakers
Michelle Kennedy - Founder and CEO of Peanut
Show Notes

Michelle Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Peanut, the app that helps women navigate fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and the menopause, is on the show this week chatting to Kelly. Michelle founded Peanut in 2017, and last year the app was named one of Apple’s Best of 2021, a huge achievement for the Peanut team! 

Michelle was integral to the founding of Bumble, the female- centred dating app, and upon Peanut’s release it was branded as the “Tinder for mummies”! However, it’s now so much more, and in this episode, Michelle will tell you why. What hasn’t changed are the foundations of the app; “it’s a safe space for conversations on any topic”, aiming to “reduce feelings of isolation and empower women to connect”. 

“There is a place for a social network which is based on principles of care, kindness and support; we’re proof of that.” Michelle Kennedy. 


03:31 - The story behind Peanut. 

09:16 - “We’re a community and communities have standards, and our standards are based around care and kindness.” - Michelle. 

12:29 - “The Peanut community are the most amazing women” - Michelle. 

13:40 - What is the most talked about issue on Peanut? 

15:10 - “How many people are on Peanut?” - Kelly 

16:40 - Peanut is one of Apple’s Best Apps of 2021! 

18:00 - Michelle speaks about Peanut Menopause. 

26:57 - Michelle speaks to Kelly about her new venture, Peanut StarHer, and her need to invest in other businesses founded by women. 

30:50 - How is it being a woman in tech? 


Check out and download Peanut.

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