Tea with the Changemakers

Mercy Shibemba - HIV Activist

May 31, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 6
Tea with the Changemakers
Mercy Shibemba - HIV Activist
Show Notes

This week Kelly’s chatting to HIV rights advocate and campaigner, Mercy Shibemba. Mercy strives to raise the profile of young people living with HIV, as she herself was born with it, and is one of 3000 people under the age 24 in the UK living with HIV.

For the majority of her life Mercy has been campaigning to tackle the stigma and break the discriminatory myths surrounding HIV. Her efforts were recognised in May 2017 when she was awarded the Diana Legacy award, which was presented to her by Prince William and Harry. 

Since then, Mercy has gone on to give a TED talk, contribute to and deliver The HIV Commission to The House of Lords, and is currently working in partnership with BBC Radio 1 Xtra and Children in Need to empower black children and young people through the We Move Fund!

“It’s better to know your status and know the facts, and because of that you should be able to be proud that you can still live a full and happy life” Mercy Shibemba.

05:28 - We’re board with the portrayal of HIV.

11:11 - Mercy’s experience of being outed as HIV school.

13:39 - What can schools do to better support young people living with HIV?

17:33 - How can we be supportive when asking questions about HIV?

23:17 – The media, and their portrayal of HIV.

25:58 – It's a sin.

29:33 - The HIV Commission.

Check out Mercy’s Twitter, where you can support her!

Take a look at the We Move Fund!

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