Tea with the Changemakers

Daniel Tomlinson-Gray - Co-founder of LGBTed

June 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 7
Tea with the Changemakers
Daniel Tomlinson-Gray - Co-founder of LGBTed
Show Notes

This week on the show Andy's chatting to Daniel Tomlinson-Gray who co-founded LGBTed, the movement that strives for the better representation of LGBTQ+ within the education system

Daniel is a media teacher, and in 2017 he decided to produce a video for an assembly during LGBT history month. During the video, Daniel simply looked into the camera and stated that "as a gay man, I know how important it is to have positive role models." He didn’t intend this to be a monumental moment, but it made huge waves in school and in the media, and resulted in the BBC reporting on the assembly.

Daniel’s movement, LGBTed, has over 6,000 followers on Twitter that all strive for the better representation of LGBTQ+ people within the education system- standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

Daniel sums up his own and LGBTed’s goal with this slogan, “let’s be the role models we needed at school”.

Social Change UK are proud supporters of Pride Month.

Episode talking points...

01:33 - Section 28.

03:22 - “Let’s be the role models we needed at school” - Daniel

04:47 - The assembly...

08:57 - “The fact that it is a big deal is worrying in itself” - Daniel

11:28 - “Sir your assembly has literally just changed my life”. Daniel

19:41 - What can headteachers do to make schools more inclusive?

24:31- “We are still at the stage where we need to be making noises” - Daniel

Check out LGBTed’s Twitter where you can get involved in the conversation and support the movement.

Take a look at Daniel’s book, Big Gay Adventures in Education.

As always, the Social Change UK website is where you can find out the latest on Tea with the Changemakers.

A little note on cancel culture...

Here at Social Change UK, we are not always the biggest fans of cancel culture. If someone has made a mistake in the past, is sorry for it, and they are now doing amazing things - we believe that they still deserve a platform to deliver their message and be celebrated for the great work they’re currently doing.   

Loretta J Ross, American scholar and activist, perfectly summed up the way feel in their 2021 TEDx talk- “Don’t call people out -- call them in.”


We know that we’ve all got different views, but this is ours- and we hope that you’ll respect that.