Tea with the Changemakers

Lily Tse - Founder and CEO of Think Dirty

June 14, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 8
Tea with the Changemakers
Lily Tse - Founder and CEO of Think Dirty
Show Notes

This week, Kelly’s chatting to Lily Tse, founder and CEO of Think Dirty, the app that makes it easy to identify and learn about potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products.

After her mum developed breast cancer, Lily embarked on a personal journey to break the myths peddled by the beauty industry, identifying ingredients that have a detrimental impact on consumers’ health. Lily identified that a plethora of beauty products contain a toxic hormone- disrupting chemical, which has been recognised as a possible cause of breast cancer.

Although many products available today are marketed as organic, often sold to consumers with claims of being natural and healthier for you, Lily found that there is little to no transparency in how the products are labelled. Toxic and possibly harmful chemicals aren’t highlighted in an accessible way that consumers can understand, which means it’s incredibly difficult to know whether the products you are using are dangerous or not – well, that was before Think Dirty.

Lily’s revolutionary mobile app Think Dirty, coined the Shazam of the cosmetic industry, allows consumers to scan the barcodes of products before they have even bought them, to get a break down of what’s in them, and rates the products on the Dirty Metre. Think Dirty also has an extensive data base of products which users can browse through, so when shopping they know which products are better for their health, and safer to use.

Think Dirty really is bringing about a consumer revolution for safer products, and is a catalyst for change in the cosmetic industry.

Episode talking points...

02:13- The Shazam of the cosmetic industry!

03:24 – Lily tells us how she came up the idea of Think Dirty...

07:46 – The reaction of the cosmetic industry...

09:09 – Think Dirty is facilitating change within the beauty industry!

10:40 – The Dirty Metre Rating...

13:20 – Think Dirty is inspiring people and businesses, including Fran Beer CEO and founder of The Beeswax Wrap Co!

17:06 – The irony is...

19:52 – You're a woman in tech!

Check out the Think Dirty website to find out more about the app.


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