Tea with the Changemakers

Anna Earl - Founder and CEO of Nutrivival

June 21, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 9
Tea with the Changemakers
Anna Earl - Founder and CEO of Nutrivival
Show Notes

This week on the show, Kelly’s chatting with Anna Earl, founder and CEO of Nutrivival. Anna focuses on the dietary wellbeing of shift workers, particularly how diet is incredibly important for both your short and long-term health.

Anna was part of the police force for 10 years and worked her way up to the ‘murder squad’, so has vital first-hand experience of the fast-paced and often unhealthy lifestyle of shift workers. However, it wasn’t until Anna started her studies into nutritional therapy that she realised this, beginning to connect the dots between diet, lifestyle and the working environment!

Through Nutrivival and her research, Anna identified that shift workers, especially those who work in the emergency services, rarely get regular or scheduled breaks, and that when they do get chance for a bite to eat, they’re often fuelling their bodies with the wrong kinds of food. Anna also identified the fact that shift workers who work at night, unless they bring pre-prepared food, have a limited choice of where they can buy food and often have to resort to fast food.

Anna recognises the importance of looking after our shift and key workers, even more so after Covid. Through Nutrivival, Anna strives to equip shift workers and their employers with the knowledge that eating a healthier diet will massively benefit them in the long run, and improve their quality of life.

Episode talking points...

01:00 - From Police officer to nutritionist!

02:00 - As part of Social Change UK’s research into violence against women, Kelly spent a night shift with the Cambridgeshire police.

03:00 - “It’s just a lifestyle of fast food and junk food” -

05:49 – Helpful and healthy advice for shift workers…

07:37- Kelly and Anna discuss “the temptation” of fast food and junk food, and how to encourage healthier eating habits.

13:41 – Anna’s upcoming projects…

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