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Jill Tolfrey - The Fire Fighters Charity

October 04, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 23
Tea with the Changemakers
Jill Tolfrey - The Fire Fighters Charity
Show Notes

“Health and well-being should not be hard work” - Dr Jill Tolfrey, The Fire Fighters Charity
This week on Tea with the Changemakers, Kelly’s chatting with Dr Jill Tolfrey, Chief Executive of The Fire Fighters Charity- the organisation that offers specialist lifelong support for active and retired firefighters. 

In this week’s episode, Jill highlights the importance of looking after our firefighters' mental and physical health, the plethora of services the organisation offers, how the current cost of living crisis is affecting firefighters, and how you can support the cause- by holidaying with the charity!
Fire Fighters and rescue service personnel go through an awful lot in their working lives, both mentally and physically, and The Fire Fighters Charity has been supporting them for over 75 years. 
Initially formed in the second world war as The London Benevolent Fund, The Fire Fighters Charity provides a plethora of services spanning mental and physical health, social wellbeing, nursing, retirement, and whole family support.   
This wrap-around service approach ensures that the organisation is well equipped to support firefighters at any stage of their lives. As Dr Jill Tolfrey stated in this week’s episode “once a firefighter always a firefighter!” 
Jill joined the charity in 2010 as Director of Operations to lead the development of the charity’s services and was appointed CEO in 2014. She has bought her experience in physiotherapy, trauma management, intensive care, rehabilitation, and acute/chronic cardiorespiratory care to the charity and increased the amount of support they can provide. Furthermore, Jill has overseen the £1.8 million redevelopment of Harcombe House, the residential centre in Devon- that you can holiday at, all whilst supporting a worthwhile cause! 

As mentioned in this week’s episode be sure to check out The Fire Fighters Charity's book, The Wolf Was Not Sleeping!

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