Tea with the Changemakers

Maggie Norris - The Big House

October 11, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 24
Tea with the Changemakers
Maggie Norris - The Big House
Show Notes

This week Andy’s chatting with accomplished actress Maggie Norris who founded The Big House, a theatre company that focuses on supporting care leavers and young people within society.

In this episode, you'll hear all about how The Big House deliver impact, empowers young care leavers, inspires the next generation, how Maggie went about setting it up, and how irritating funding applications can be!

Maggie, who previously has trodden the cobbles at Corrie (one of the UK's most loved soaps), set The Big House up 10 years ago after an experience producing a play in scrubs- the category B prison. Whilst there she had identified that the majority of young people she was working with shouldn’t have been there; and at some point, in their lives, they had been failed by the care/justice system.

The Big House recognises the vulnerability of young care leavers, as well as their untapped talent, hopes and dreams. Through theatre, The Big House can inspire and facilitate personal growth and nurture a trusting relationship with its members and tackle behavioural and emotional issues.

So, without further ado- let the show begin!

Ensure you check out The Big House and give them a follow on their socials!
The Big House Website

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