Tea with the Changemakers

Jess Visser - Strength & Stem UK

November 22, 2022 Social Change UK Season 1 Episode 30
Tea with the Changemakers
Jess Visser - Strength & Stem UK
Show Notes

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope”

— Lady Bird Johnson

This week on Tea with the Changemakers we're chatting with Jess Visser, founder of Strength & Stem, the charity that utilises floristry to empower women who have survived modern slavery.

Shockingly they're an estimated 136,000 victims of human trafficking in the UK today, and even more alarmingly 81% of trafficked victims in London are women. Jess wanted to do something to tackle this statistic. 

For two years Jess volunteered as a mentor and wanted to support disadvantaged women on their journey to employment. While volunteering Jess was able to witness the disadvantages women face first-hand. 

Jess' passion was and still is to help support women and help them to access skills training and employment. Jess is the Founding Trustee of Strength & Stem and has now expanded into South Africa through sister charity, Strength & Stem South Africa.

If you're a corporate that regularly orders flowers or you want to give the personal gift of socially responsible flowers to a loved one, then be sure to check out Strength & Stem's website.

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