Tea with the Changemakers

Jack Monroe - The Duracell bunny of anti-poverty campaigning

February 21, 2023 Social Change Season 1 Episode 41
Tea with the Changemakers
Jack Monroe - The Duracell bunny of anti-poverty campaigning
Show Notes

Did you know there are now more food banks in the UK than there are branches of McDonald’s?

Shocking we know, but foodbanks are now vital and sadly accepted part of society; and for the survival of an ever-increasing number of people up and down the UK who are struggling through the cost-of-living crisis.

On this episode of Tea with the Changemakers we’re talking to an anti-poverty
campaigner and food writer Jack Monroe who’s had more than their (un)fair share of controversy and trolling over the years.

Jack Monroe at their core is a mother who found themselves in a tight situation with the cost of living, finding it difficult to feed their son. Jack started writing a blog about cheap and easy recipes back in 2010 (yes, the cost-of-living crisis was still a thing back in 2010…). Little did they know that their blog would resonate with a huge number of people and eventually led them to become a published author and a hugely influential figure in society.

There are few figures like Jack Monroe in society, who have the sheer grit and determination to speak out on poverty and ignite genuine social change, and on this week’s episode of Tea with the Changemakers we think you’ll see a different more tender and relaxed version of Jack.

Throughout their career they’ve been subject to scrutiny and their authenticity has been bought into question. There is no denying that Jack’s often-brash approach has rubbed some people up the wrong way – but isn’t that the point? Jack is authentic and saying it as it is, and has made it their mission to keep the conversation going around poverty and strives to genuinely help those who are struggling. 

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